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Payball’s mission is to simplify the lives of all the Administrators, Coaches, Managers, Officials and other Service Providers involved in amateur sports, many of whom already spend countless hours volunteering their time simply for the love of their sport, their kids and their community. Payball application allows you to manage your sports team’s payments to your staff and team members. No longer do you have to delay games or deal with cash. Effortlessly make payment to the entire organization.

The Challenge

Client reached out to us during their business expansions phase. They had native iOS and Android apps already deployed. In order for the business to scale up, they needed a desktop application that would allow management from the organization’s offices. That would allow for better tracking and also mass payments to be made.

Payment Integration

Original mobile builds have utilized Stripe as a payment system. We had to extend it to cater to the needs of a desktop application. During testing and initial diagnosis we have discovered a few ways these APIs can be tweaked, thus improving the experience users had during the onboarding and registration, as well as further simplifying the payment processes.


We implemented existing styleguides and iconography to make sure all of their line
of products were one unified brand experience.








We arrived to an amazing result of not only desktop experience, but intuitive flow build upon latest technologies that now allowed you to make a mass payment to an entire organization in less than 20 seconds. Simply import your mass payment spreadsheet and let the app do the rest. This expansion helped our client to scale their business and gain more clients of a larger sized organizations.


20 seconds is all it takes to issue mass payments to your entire organization with Payball Application


“I just completed a project with Stanley and his BeCurious team for my app, Payball and they were fantastic! I’ve worked with many design and development teams in my career and BeCurious stands out in their ability to quickly understand business context and apply highly effective design approaches including both UX and UI elements to create elegant, simple and robust solutions. Stanley was a pleasure to work with as was his development team. They were – and remain – extremely responsive, and communications with them were simple…something that’s not always easy to find. I have already recommended BeCurious to a friend who hired them for their own business launch!” – Peter Makover, CEO of Payball